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Schoolfunds Reward Scheme

Using the scheme is easy with no personal registration, logins or passwords required. There are no extra costs involved, all the prices, terms and deliveries are the same as going directly to the individual websites. Simply select the school, which will be remembered for future visits and use the links to shop online with your favourite retailers.


How do I get started?

Select a school - click here!

Click on a heading from the side menu - the menu will open

Click on the section you require - the selected page will appear

View the shops and merchants on offer - some sections have multiple pages

Click on either the Company name or the Picture/logo - The company website will load in a new window.

Shop as normal with the company and the points will be allocated for any purchases.

How do I select my school?

At the top of the page you will see either the school you have selected or the comment ? No school selected click here to select a school.
Click on the 'click here!' text or click on 'school' on the top right menu bar.

Select the 'Region' from the menu
i.e.. South West
click the 'Select Region' button at the bottom

Select the LEA (Local Education Authority)
i.e.. Wiltshire
click the 'Next' button at the bottom

Then select your school from the list.
click the 'Select School' button at the bottom

That?s it! - your selected school will be displayed at the top of the each page.

Clicking on the map on the right of the page will also make your selection

Do I need to select a school each time I visit?

No, your computer stores your selection in the form of a cookie (a small file on your hard drive) and every time you visit enters your selection onto the page.

Alternatively you can add the site to your favourites list which will also store your school identification number.

If you have chosen not to accept cookies on your machine you can still use all of the site but you will have to reselect the school when you next visit.

Can I change my school?

Yes, just click on ?school? on the top right menu bar and reselect a school or click here!

You can change your selected school as often and as many times as you wish

What if I do not select a school?

Any funds raised from either, no selected school, companies who cannot allocate to an individual school or unallocated funds (however caused) will go to a prize fund which will be awarded to an actively participating school picked at random each year.

Can anyone support my school?

Yes, parents, teachers, grand parents, aunts, uncles, friends, it doesn't matter who you are or where you live you can support any school by using schoolfunds.

Businesses purchases can raise thousands for your school and it doesn't cost them a penny. The scheme works even if they have an account and no mention of schoolfunds is made on any correspondence.

Can businesses participate?

Yes, businesses can use the site. We have a number of regularly used retailers for building, stationery, office equipment, tools and computer suppliers. More suppliers are added each month

Electricians, plumbers, carpenters and builders raise thousands with their online purchases with Screwfix and Plumbworld

The scheme works even if you have an account and no mention of schoolfunds is made on any correspondence.

Is shopping via schoolfunds secure?

Online shopping security is very important to us. Every effort has been taken to verify all the retailers on are genuine and they provide secure online ordering facilities.

All purchases are made directly with your chosen retailer on their secure connection

When shopping via Schoolfunds you are transferred to the selected merchant who generally provide a secure connections when you go to the checkout area of the merchant's web site. Your browser will display a padlock icon on the bottom of the window when you are on a secure page.

No purchase are made with schoolfunds

I cannot find my school

If you are unable to find your school please email helpdesk with the school name and village/town/city of your school and we will endeavour to add it within 24 hours and email you back.

Where do I find my schools points total?

The selected school points are displayed on the homepage on the right-hand side.

Points Balance

How often are the points updated?

The points totals are updated every week on a Monday or the on the next working day in the event of an official holiday. The update includes all reported sales for the previous week.

Suppliers have different ways of accounting for sales, some advise within hours, some on despatch of goods and some in batches during the month. The points calculation is normally on the exVAT amount and does not include the delivery costs (there are a few exceptions who include points on the full sale).

The points total may be reduced, this will be either because a reward has been claimed by the school or occasionally a retailer reports a cancelled order or returned order for which the points are deducted. This can be many weeks after the original sale was reported and included in the schools total.

If you feel that an amount does not show on your school's total within 2 weeks please let us know and we will investigate the matter further. We cannot track individuals purchases but are able to trace the school points to a particular supplier and in most cases with a date, time and value of the transaction. Please email us at the address below and include as much information as possible.

What is the Annual prize fund?

Occasionally, we are unable to track the purchases made with companies and award them to an individual school. This may be due to no school being selected, bonuses from suppliers or other reasons beyond our control. So we created the Annual prize fund which accumulates unallocated points from companies.

At the end of the year the points will be allocated at random to active schools to boost their reward total.


If you are unable to find an answer to your question here, or require further information please email us and we will endeavour to reply within 24 hours by email.


Please read our privacy policy and terms and conditions - click here!

Date: 7/15/2024

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