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The school can select almost any educational equipment from any supplier.

To add an item to your wish list all you need do is email the brief description to us, for example computer system or overhead projector. If you are undecided on what to have and wish to see how your points progress a broad description of sports equipment or ICT equipment could be used.

To obtain a reward, just email us from the schools with your requirement when you have sufficient points and we order it for direct delivery to the school at no cost.

You can change your mind at ant time up to placing the order.

As an indication of the reward value 5000 points equates to £25.00 of equipment (including VAT and delivery). There is a points calculator at the bottom of this page.


Useful websites to select equipment from

You may currently select educational equipment to the value of £0 pounds (GB) including VAT and delivery for .

TTS Group
The finest quality of educational resources for the modern classroom. All of the resources are extensively researched and sourced from ideas and suggestions from teachers, parents, and advisors.
Prices shown exclude VAT and delivery.

The Consortium
Comprehensive list of educational equipment and school supplies with fast national deliveries.
Prices shown include delivery but exclude VAT.
To order a catalogue click here!

Music Education Supplies - MES Direct
Musical Instruments
Prices shown exclude delivery and VAT.

Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation
Yorkshire Purchasing provides a professional procurement service that allows our public sector customers to enjoy cost and efficiency savings through our substantial bulk buying power and the convenience of  our 'one stop shop'. - Magical movement endless fun
The didicar is simple to operate, requires no batteries and there are no motors or other fuel, not even pedals.
All you do is turn the steering wheel gently from left to right and the didicar moves smoothly forward.

The unique movement generates not only wonder and excitement but being 'Child Powered' as it is, didicar also provides exercise and recreation for rider, working the stomach arms and legs.
Schoolfunds recommended reward

LMS Music Supplies
Musical Instruments
Prices shown exclude delivery and VAT.

Dell - Business
IT equipment
Prices shown exclude VAT. also provide reward points for every purchase.
Sports equipment
Prices shown include  VAT, but exclude delivery.
Newitts also provide reward points for every purchase.


TAG Learning Ltd.
Empowering learning through ICT
TAG Learning
provides the highest quality learning software and peripherals for home learning, early years, SEN, primary and secondary schools and beyond.
Prices shown exclude delivery and VAT.


These are only suggestion and you may have any educational equipment from any supplier.


The National School Reward Scheme

Schoolfunds established a simple fundraising idea back in 2003, which is now known as The National School Reward Scheme. The original concept was to create a scheme that raised funds for educational establishments but didnít require anyone buying anything they wouldnít have normally bought and more importantly didnít cost a penny extra. The idea rapidly developed into a national scheme which now involves over 600 leading online retailers.

We wanted a system that did not require customers having to fill in school details every time they made a purchase and one that was easy to use and safe.

We appreciate the concerns over privacy, so chose not to ask for any personal details. We only needed to know about the school, so that's all the information we collect to operate the scheme. This also removed the need for a login and password.

With schoolfunds just select your school the first time you visit, then use the schoolfunds directory ever time you want to shop online, to find the products and retailers you want to shop with.

With our new website layout we have tried to make it as easy as possible to buy what you want from who you want, saving you money and giving a boost to children's education.

Exclusive Discounts

Schoolfunds have a special relationship with the retailers and we receive exclusive discount codes, vouchers and free delivery offers which are not even available on the retailers own website.

So how does it all  work?

The way the scheme works is every time a person uses the links on the schoolfunds website to shop online with a retailer, the selected school identification number (SID) is passed in the link. The retailer in turn advises schoolfunds should the link result in a sale and the points are awarded.

There are significant cost savings for companies who trade online with lower staffing levels and deliveries direct from warehouses etc. With billions of pounds spent annually online, even a small percentage used to provide educational equipment would be a significant benefit to schools. The scheme also provides a useful marketing tool for the retailers to encourage customers to buy online. The scheme now includes over 600 retailers and is growing all the time.

About the schoolfunds team

We have a big scheme run by a small team who are dedicated to the scheme and committed to providing the best possible service. Although the system is highly automated we believe in the personal touch and are never to busy to answer a question or assist where possible.

We are always on the lookout to improve what we have created. If you have any suggestions for improvement please take the time to let us know.

If you do find a problem with the site, be it a faulty link  image, missing page or spelling mistake, please let us know so we can correct it. After all, the site may be run by a computer system but the input is human.

Please Note: Orders must be completed online to qualify for points.


Points Calculator

Enter the price of the item you require in £ (GBP) to calculate the points required:

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Date: 7/15/2024

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