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The National School Reward Scheme

Online Shopping = Free Educational Equipment


The National School Reward Scheme

Schoolfunds established a simple fundraising idea back in 2003, which is now known as The National School Reward Scheme. The original concept was to create a scheme that raised funds for educational establishments but didn’t require anyone buying anything they wouldn’t have normally bought and more importantly didn’t cost a penny extra. The idea rapidly developed into a national scheme which now involves over 600 leading online retailers.

We wanted a system that did not require customers having to fill in school details every time they made a purchase and one that was easy to use and safe.

We appreciate the concerns over privacy, so chose not to ask for any personal details. We only needed to know about the school, so that's all the information we collect to operate the scheme. This also removed the need for a login and password.

With schoolfunds just select your school the first time you visit, then use the schoolfunds directory ever time you want to shop online, to find the products and retailers you want to shop with.

With our new website layout we have tried to make it as easy as possible to buy what you want from who you want, saving you money and giving a boost to children's education.

Exclusive Discounts

Schoolfunds have a special relationship with the retailers and we receive exclusive discount codes, vouchers and free delivery offers which are not even available on the retailers own website.

So how does it all  work?

The way the scheme works is every time a person uses the links on the schoolfunds website to shop online with a retailer, the selected school identification number (SID) is passed in the link. The retailer in turn advises schoolfunds should the link result in a sale and the points are awarded.

There are significant cost savings for companies who trade online with lower staffing levels and deliveries direct from warehouses etc. With billions of pounds spent annually online, even a small percentage used to provide educational equipment would be a significant benefit to schools. The scheme also provides a useful marketing tool for the retailers to encourage customers to buy online. The scheme now includes over 600 retailers and is growing all the time.

About the schoolfunds team

We have a big scheme run by a small team who are dedicated to the scheme and committed to providing the best possible service. Although the system is highly automated we believe in the personal touch and are never to busy to answer a question or assist where possible.

We are always on the lookout to improve what we have created. If you have any suggestions for improvement please take the time to let us know.

If you do find a problem with the site, be it a faulty link  image, missing page or spelling mistake, please let us know so we can correct it. After all, the site may be run by a computer system but the input is human.

Please Note: Orders must be completed online to qualify for points.


Quick guide to getting started

Select your school - click here!. Your schools name will be displayed at the top of each page and remembered for future visits.

Use the menu or A to Z to find the retailer you wish to purchase from.

Click on either the Company name or the Picture/logo - The company website will load in a new window.

Find the product you wish to buy on their website.

Make your purchase directly from the retailer on their secure connection.

Thats it! - Schoolfunds will be advised by the company of your purchase and the points will be allocated to your school.

Only online purchases that originate from the links on schoolfunds will receive points. So remember to start your shopping from

Make schoolfunds your home page so you never forget - click here!


Frequently Asked Questions


Does it cost anything to use the scheme? No, there are absolutely no costs to either the individuals or the school.
Do I need to register my personal details? No, schoolfunds does not require any personal details, logins or passwords. The only thing you need do is select your school once, then shop as normal using the schoolfunds website to find the retailer you require.
Do I need to fill out my schools details on the retailers website? No, everything is dealt with automatically. Shop as normal on the retailers website.
How do schoolfunds know which school to award points too? When you click on a link to a company your selected school's unique identification number (SID) is passed to the retailer and their webpage opens in a new window. Should the link result in an online sale the retailer advises schoolfunds the SID, date, time and the value of the order for the points to be awarded

NOTE: Only online purchases that originate from the links on schoolfunds will receive points as we generate the school identification number. It is therefore recommended that you make your homepage.

Does the order need to be completed online? Yes, in order to receive points for your school  your order MUST be placed online having first used the schoolfunds link to the company.

Companies often display contact telephone numbers, however if you do not complete your order online and telephone your order, the company and schoolfunds has no way of knowing your enquiry originated from the schoolfunds link and no points will be awarded.

When are the Points awarded? The reward points are updated every Monday. The suppliers have different ways of accounting for sales, some advise within hours, some on despatch of goods and some in batches during the month. The points calculation is normally on the exVAT amount and does not include the delivery costs (there are a few exceptions who include points on the full sale). This is one the disadvantages of having so many different companies to deal with.
What happens if I later cancel an order or return items? If an order is cancelled or an item returned, the retailer will advise schoolfunds and the points value of the items will be deducted from the school's total. It can be several weeks before the deduction is made.
What is the Annual Prize fund?

Occasionally, we are unable to track the purchases made with companies and award them to an individual school. This may be due to no school being selected, bonuses from suppliers or other reasons beyond our control. So we created the Annual prize fund which accumulates unallocated points from companies.

At the end of the year the points will be allocated at random to active schools to boost their reward total.

How do I find my school? Use the "school" button on the navigation bar at the top of the page to bring up the school selection pages. The schools are arranged by Region, Local Area Authority and School Name.

If your school is not listed please email us for it to be added.

If you have any problems with the selection of your school, please email us and we will send you a quick link to your schools homepage. We will reply within 24 hours but aim to respond within 2 hours during normal office hours.

Once a school is selected your computer will remember your selection using a cookie for future visits.

Also see HELP Section

How do I check my schools details? In the Left-hand menu, select "Information" and then "School Details" the address, telephone number and other school details will be displayed.
What rewards can my school have? Your school can select almost any item from any supplier. Once the required points have been collected, the school emails schoolfunds with the reward request and the reward is supplied to the school at no cost.
Can you trace an individual order? Schoolfunds are advised by the retailers of any sales that result from the links on the schoolfunds website. The information we receive includes the school identification number, the date, time and the value of the order . We do not receive any personal details.
What do I do if I feel points are missing? Please email us and supply as much information as possible about the order. Include the retailer, the value of the order, the date and if possible the time of the order and attach any order confirmations you may have received.

We will do our best to resolve the matter by contacting the retailer and email you with the response.

Why are points not being awarded for my Tesco grocery orders? The Tesco programme awards 500 points for new online grocery shoppers on the first grocery order only. So if you are a previous online grocery customer, sorry you don't get points.

Tesco do however award points for their Books, Flowers, Electrical, Entertainment and Wines sections for every sale.
Can any company join schoolfunds? Whereas schoolfunds welcomes all enquiries to join the scheme. We insist that the company has a safe and secure online ordering facility and the content of their website and any links are suitable for family viewing. All company websites are individually vetted and approved by the schoolfunds team before inclusion in the schoolfunds reward scheme.
Why are there companies on the schoolfunds website that do not award any points? Schoolfunds includes some companies who are currently not associated with the schoolfunds reward scheme. This is for user convenience where it is felt that the company has a product or service that is of significant benefit and will enhance the online shopping experience of the users.

The company will have been vetted and approved by the schoolfunds team before inclusion on the schoolfunds website. The company will have a secure online ordering facility and the content of their website and any links are suitable for family viewing.


Comments from schools

Bristol School
Rewards: External notice board, ink cartridges, new feet for chairs, executive office chairs, swivel operators chair, laser consumables, 35 leather faced computer operator swivel chairs.

" Thank you. I am sure that the Finance committee will be quite pleased with the results of the scheme so far. Even I never imagined that the school could get an extra £6000 in a year. Fantastic, what a brilliant scheme.

We really do appreciate all the help that you give us."

Leeds School
Reward: Books for the library

"I received the books today, thank you. I have never had such efficient and prompt service before from anywhere.

Thank you so much to the school funds reward scheme, it is a great boost to resources in school, with money always an issue. I am personally always fundraising for extra books and equipment and this has to be the easiest funding I have ever received!"

Wiltshire School
Reward: Alphabet Sounds Teaching Tubs and storage rack

"Just to let you know that our Alphabet Sounds Teaching Tubs and storage rack arrived late yesterday afternoon. Mrs W has assembled them and already has them in use in her classroom! This is an item that we would not have been able to afford from our school budget so we are very pleased that parents using the schoolfunds website collected such a fantastic amount of points enabling us to 'purchase' it. Thank you for your help."

Reading School
Reward: Musical instruments  

"We have been registered with schoolfunds for a few months and recently received our first reward. As what we wanted was not on the schoolfunds list, I e-mailed the details of the products, catalogue and company to schoolfunds. They did the rest - contacted the supplier, placed the order, confirmed this and the delivery date to me and, like magic, our new instruments arrived within about 10 days! They also updated the website so that all parents would know we had received a reward. We are now going for a multi-cultural set of instruments! So far, we are really impressed with the service and benefits of the scheme."


Comments from parents

Mrs H  - Marchington
"I am very impressed with your prompt and efficient service and appreciate your efforts."

Mrs B - Earlswood
"I am VERY impressed with the site and also with the quick responses that I have received from you. I have been making sure that the other schools that I have contact with know about your site as well.
Thank you and keep up the good work."

Mrs M - Westhoughton, Near Bolton,
"I think the idea of the schools getting points for equipment is excellent"

Mrs C - Bromley
"it's fantastic that you were able to come back to me so quickly. I am most impressed."

Mrs B - Workington
I came across some information about your website and thought that this would be incredibly good news for our school.


Date: 7/10/2020

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