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A to Z Directory
Please use the Keyboard to view the retailers in alphabetical order, alternatively use the menu to view retailers by category.

Clicking "More Details" will expand the panel and provide further information on the retailer and the points award.


Click to visit the retailer UK Office Direct Reward: 5 points/
Office supplies More Details..

Click to visit the retailer UKSoccershop Reward: 6 points/
Football merchandise More Details..

Click to visit the retailer Unicef Reward: 10 points/
Charity cards and gifts More Details..

There is no cost for using the scheme. The price you pay is never higher than going directly to the retailers website and is often lower due to our exclusive promotional codes for discounts and free delivery offers.
You purchase directly from the retailer on their website using their secure connection and not from schoolfunds.

Easy, safe and rewarding online shopping with

Date: 11/29/2021

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